Installment loan despite Credit bureau – is there such a thing?

Various credit products are now available on the financial market. Installment loan is a very popular form of credit. Installment loans are offered by numerous banks today. In addition to the conventional installment loan, there are now also variations in the form of credit. For example, an installment loan is offered despite Credit bureau / installment loan without Credit bureau. The loan does not differ significantly from a conventional installment loan, the main difference is that no Credit bureau information is obtained. By deliberately foregoing Credit bureau information, you can take out an installment loan despite Credit bureau.

Installment loan despite Credit bureau

Installment loan despite Credit bureau

If you have negative Credit bureau information as a consumer, the installment loan without Credit bureau is often the last option. An installment loan despite Credit bureau is only slightly more expensive than a conventional installment loan product. The higher costs are due to the fact that the banks have to face a higher credit default risk. In order to avoid a credit default, an installment loan is not subject to a credit check despite Credit bureau. In the case of a loan despite Credit bureau, a Credit bureau is not used, but the banks use their own assessment tools to classify the credit rating. An installment loan without Credit bureau is often very flexible. The term, the loan amount and also the repayment can usually be determined individually. An installment loan despite Credit bureau is offered by numerous online banks today. Despite Credit bureau, the online banks often offer installment loans at very low interest rates.

Credit despite Credit bureau – alternative personal loan

Credit despite Credit bureau - alternative personal loan

If you cannot access a conventional installment loan or installment loan without a Credit bureau due to a Credit bureau, you should use a personal loan. Personal loans are made by a private lender to a private borrower. Most credit products – which are privately issued – are installment credit products. The numerous credit intermediaries were able to establish themselves particularly successfully on the market. Credit brokers offer the provision of private loans on the Internet. Credit intermediaries offer secure personal loan issuance. The credit intermediary ensures that personal loans are successfully brokered, repaid and resolved.

As a borrower, you also need to be able to provide collateral for personal loans. When registering on a portal, you have to provide personal and income information. The income, the employment relationship, as well as the spending situation, are given special consideration here – as they serve to classify creditworthiness. Lending proves to be uncomplicated. The borrower can write out their desired loan in a credit pool. The lender decides whether to accept the loan. Regardless of whether you opt for a loan without Credit bureau or a personal loan, in any case a comparison should be made.

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