Loan for troubled clients – where to get it?

Do you have a registry entry? Are you working black and you can’t prove your income? Is it only a few days since you got rid of the distraint? Debts are going over your head? These are all indicators of a problem client for a non-banking company.

These are unpleasant obstacles that will make it impossible for you to take out a loan at a bank, and even for non-banking companies, it will not be easy. However, a loan for troubled clients can still be obtained relatively easily and safely at the same time. How to do it?

Loan for troubled clients – where to get it?

Loan for problem clients at the non-banking company

Loan for problem clients at non-banking company

Obtaining a loan from a banking company is often a problem even if you have excellent creditworthiness and minimal problems in the debtors’ registers. For non-banking companies, you usually walk much better, but they also tighten screws and choose their clients more carefully.

In part, this is a constant change in legislation that places high demands on non-banking companies and in part also wishes to make a better name among people.
However, a loan from a non-banking company is still the ideal way for troubled clients who are convinced of their ability to repay the obligation.

Who is such a problem client anyway?

  • He has no demonstrable income,
  • has a negative entry in the debtors’ register,
  • works for a definite period,
  • he has too many loans,
  • has low income and high expenses (poor creditworthiness),
  • is in execution or insolvency,
  • does not have citizenship,
  • they are pensioners, students, parents on a parent or other low-income groups.

These groups can be further divided into several “sub-groups” depending on how difficult it will be for them to obtain a secure and legal non-bank loan. Let’s look at them gradually.

Loan without proof of income

Loan without proof of income

You can still get a loan without proof of income quite easily. Although most companies require at least a statement of account, even today you will find such a non-banking company, which is enough to prove that you have sufficient creditworthiness. These are mostly micro-loans with a 30-day maturity and the possibility to draw a financial reserve up to a few thousand. However, it is rather an exception among non-banking companies.

Of course, a loan without proof of income is not suitable for people who really do not have any income. To obtain this loan you still need to prove that you will be able to repay it and if you do not have a demonstrable income, any record in the debtors register will serve as an aggravating circumstance.

Loan without registers

Loan without registers

If you have a fresh record in the debtors register, you are looking for a possible loan without registers. In that case, we have good news for you. Some negative record in the debtor register does not affect the approval of your application at most non-banking companies. Let’s face it – if non-banking companies were to reject a loan because of one later phone bill, no one would get the loan and the non-banking companies would end very quickly.

You will need a loan without registers in case your overdue bills and debts are over your head and the register is full of negative records. For example, a mortgage can help. For this you have to guarantee real estate, but your other debts are usually not interested in this type of loan.

Loan in execution

Almost no one will lend you distraint. The safest solution for a loan to pay distraint is offered by the aforementioned American mortgage, but for which you must guarantee your own real estate. A less secure solution, which we cannot in any way recommend, is a promissory note loan. With execution, as with insolvency, getting a classic loan is almost impossible.

Fortunately, nothing lasts forever. Although the execution will scrape you in the registers and non-banking companies will look at you even after it has been paid with distrust, you can borrow immediately after its termination, for example, a company that looks at your individual situation and why you distraints ever got. Even shortly after execution, it offers its clients a non-bank loan with a favorable interest rate.

Loan for foreigners

Another group of problem clients is foreigners. Indeed, non-banking companies have a lesser guarantee from foreigners that they will repay the loan and will not run away from repayments to their country. The advantage is that those foreigners who have at least permanent residence in the country. If this is not the case, you still don’t have to despair. Fortunately, there are many non-banking companies on our market that offer loans to foreigners who have only temporary residence in the country. But there are a few of them.

Non-bank loan for other troubled clients

Loans for pensioners, students or parents on maternity leave also fall into risk groups, but you can obtain them under certain conditions at most non-banking companies. Not only will you receive proof of income from social benefits. You can also increase your chance, for example, by earning a brigade. You can also increase your creditworthiness by applying for a loan with a partner, for example.

Whatever the hopeless situation, a non-bank loan can help you in the short term. However, you have to be sure of your ability to repay, so that the next loan does not just get you into the trap of over-indebtedness, which only leads to insolvency or in the worst case directly execution.

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