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"These 10 Tips are so frequently overlooked by business owners that it's astonishing--definitely a "Duh!" moment for many; and we wonder why we're not getting more traffic to our site!

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What is "10 Sure-Fire Tips...," and what can it do for me?

"10 Sure-Fire Tips To Easily & Effectively Promote Your Website" is a printable document, a 5-page e-guide, in .pdf format, downloadable immediately after purchase.  "10 Sure-Fire Tips..." is a comprehensive guide for you, the website owner,  to effectively guide you in promoting your website, both offline & on, with emphasis on offline efforts.  It is a simple step-by-step guide, complete with checklist, that you or your staff can easily implement, with little or no additional out-of-pocket expenses, beyond the cost of the e-guide itself.  This handy little e-guide is well-suited for both online and brick-and-mortar business concerns. "10 Sure-Fire Tips..." is a basic, comprehensive list of steps you can take to promote your website, with measurable results.

This new e-guide, fresh to the market, was written by a seasoned 30-year business veteran, and small business web builder, who knows small business firsthand.  She recommends these same easy steps to her own web clients, and she knows they work!  That's why she decided to write this guide--to reach other small business web owners who may be facing the same questions as her clients.

"10 Sure-Fire Tips..." Can:

"10 Sure-Fire Tips..." Does NOT:

"10 Sure-Fire Tips To Easily & Effectively Promote Your Website" packs a profitable punch for less than $1.00 a tip. For just $9.99 (plus tax where applicable), your business could easily profit hundreds, even thousands of dollars from implementing these 10 simple steps of website promotion.  And a handy checklist template is even included to gauge and document your progress.  After reading "10 Sure-Fire Tips...," we're sure you'll agree, it's a small investment with enormous potential for your business.

"10 Sure-Fire Tips To Easily & Effectively Promote Your Website"

is an easy step-by-step guide to help you effectively and affordably promote your website, all by yourself.  It even includes a handy checklist to guide you along the way.

Only $9.99*!

*plus tax where applicable

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